Reports and evidence

“Securing a brighter future: The role of youth services in tackling knife crime”

Report by the APPG on Knife Crime, March 2020

This report makes four recommendations to bolster youth services and prevent knife crime:

  1. Conduct a national audit of youth services in England.
  2. Fund local authorities to invest in sustainable long-term youth work.
  3. Introduce a clear statutory requirement to local authorities for a minimum level of professional youth services provision.
  4. Invest in a professional youth workforce – because youth services are more than buildings.

“Back to School? Breaking the link between school exclusions and knife crime”

Report by the APPG on Knife Crime, October 2019

This report aims to answer four main questions:

  1. What is driving the current rise in school exclusions?
  2. Is there a link between rising school exclusions and rising levels of knife crime?
  3. What can be done to prevent exclusion from mainstream education, particularly of young people who may be at risk of involvement in serious violence?
  4. What happens to young people when they are excluded from school? How do we effectively safeguard them and ensure they access effective education?


“There is no protection on the streets, none.”: Young people’s perspectives on knife crime 

Report by the APPG on Knife Crime, August 2019

This report explores young people’s thoughts and ideas on knife crime,  covering five major themes which were particularly prominent during discussion. These are: 
1. Reasons for carrying knives
2. Root causes and prevention
3. Social media
4. Policing, drugs and county lines
5. Sentencing and prisons

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