Sarah Jones MP: If we are to tackle this epidemic of youth violence, we must ensure no child is left behind

The 70% rise in permanent school exclusions since 2012 shows something has gone seriously wrong, writes Sarah Jones MP – PoliticsHome, Februrary 2020

These 60 deprived children from Croydon could tell us exactly why we’re facing a knife crime epidemic

“Last year, 135 people were killed in the capital. We can’t pretend we didn’t see this coming” – The Independent, August 2019 . Extract from Sarah Jones’ chapter in The Fabians report Capital Gains

Fighting the knife crime epidemic

“We must treat knife violence in the same way we would a contagious disease. Understanding it is central to working out how to prevent it, believes Sarah Jones” – Progress, December 2018

Scotland is showing how to win the fight against knife crime

“Scotland started treating knife crime as a public health issue – and violence plummeted. The rest of the UK must follow suit” – The Guardian, December 2018

Youth violence is at ‘crisis point’ but Evening Standard’s fund will help, says MP

“The chairwoman of the all-party parliamentary group on knife crime says youth violence is at “crisis point”, and backed the public health model supported by the Evening Standard to tackle the problem.” – The Evening Standard, August 2018

Sarah Jones: We’re finding a cure for the epidemic of youth violence

“Last summer, as a new MP, I watched the news about knife crime and youth violence with dread. What was happening in my constituency in Croydon wasn’t unique, it was clear this would soon be a nationwide epidemic.” – The Evening Standard, August 2018

Sarah Jones: A proper public health approach would treat knife crime like an epidemic

“We need a long-term, multi-agency approach to knife crime which seeks to understand and prevent its underlying causes, says Sarah Jones” – Politics Home, May 2018

Only A Truly Ambitious Plan Will Reverse Our Youth Violence Epidemic

“The Home Secretary must tackle the causes as well as the crime” – Huffington Post, April 2018

Knife crime is an epidemic. Do we care enough to look for a cure?

“It’s time for a cross-government programme of action to address the causes of the horrific rise in violence revealed by the Guardian this week” – The Guardian, November 2017

Short-Term Interventions Are Not Going To Solve The Knife-Crime Crisis

“The positive and at the same time, depressing thing is that a lot of the answers we already have. We can fix this. But at various stages, where adults should be intervening in the lives of troubled young people, they aren’t. Sometimes that’s because of lack of resources, and sometimes it’s because different agencies aren’t working together as well as they should.” – Huffington Post, November 2017

“Croydon MP Sarah Jones calls for 10-year multiagency approach to knife crime among young people, similar to one that led to fall in teenage pregnancy rates” – The Guardian, October 2017

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