Roundtable on policing and stop and search

On Tuesday 16th July the APPG hosted a roundtable aiming to uncover which forms of policing can be effective at tackling knife crime, and what the police need to be able to keep our communities safe.

When discussing increasing knife crime and serious youth violence, policing is often central to the debate. Politicians and the media are quick to turn to the role of stop and search or police funding. While the APPG’s work thus far has shown that policing alone cannot solve knife crime, it undeniably plays a vital part of the picture.

Participants included senior representatives from London City Hall; the Home Office Serious Violence Unit; the Met Police including leads on the Violent Crime Taskforce, Divert, and stop and search; the Scotland Violence Reduction Unit; the Youth Justice Board; and academics and community representatives.

We debated whether stop and search is effective, the impact it has on young people and communities, and the importance of fostering good police relationships. While there is no consensus on the appropriate use of stop and search, there is clear agreement that police’s role in tackling crime must go beyond just enforcement.

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