Roundtable examining the role of the NHS in tackling violence

On 1st April 2019 the APPG held a roundtable examining the role of the NHS in tackling knife crime. We began by discussing the impact of rising levels of youth violence on Emergency Departments and Trauma Units, what data is available and how can this data be used. We heard from Duncan Bew about the impact on Major Trauma Centres and the Trauma Network, and Dr Adrian Boyle on ISTV data and The Cardiff Model.

We went on to hear evidence on the support that is available within the NHS to young people before and after they become and victim of youth violence, and what further support should be available. We heard from Caroline Twitchett on NHS England’s commitments of support for victims in NHS Long Term Plan, and from John Poyton on behalf of HIVE, the UK’s national network of hospital violence intervention programmes.

We then heard from Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock on the role of the NHS in tackling youth violence, and government work to support this.

Finally, Dr Stephanie Lamb gave evidence on current support available for adolescents within GP surgeries, and we heard from Medina Johnson on the IRIS model to improve the health care response to domestic violence and abuse.

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